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This hackathon, jointly organized by the UEM Jaipur Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter Jaipur & University of Engineering and Management Jaipur, aims to imagine new applications that a smart city could offer its citizens. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are at peak in India and this hackathon will help to develop skills among the students to pursue their ideas. UEM Jaipur ACM Student Chapter is going to organize a National Level Hackathon during Aug-Sept 2019 with lot more prizes and opportunities. REGISTRATION LINK:https://goo.gl/forms/rxYVuypNG5tXVqsd2

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ACM-UEMJ Presents Distinguished Speaker Program On What AI can(and can't) do

UEM JAIPUR ACM STUDENT CHAPTER and Dept. of CSE, UEM JAIPUR are going to organize a Distinguished Speaker Program by Prof. Dr. Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of New South Wales and Data61 at the UEM Jaipur premises on 25th January, 2019. Topic Name: What AI Can (and Can't) Do Time: 11:00 AM IST on 25th January, 2019 Venue: Seminar Hall, UEM JAIPUR STUDENT REGISTRATION LINK: https://goo.gl/6GTTSi Toby Walsh is a leading expert in artificial intelligence (AI). He was named by the Australian newspaper as a "rock star" of the digital revolution, and included in their list of the 100 most important digital innovators in Australia. Professor Walsh's research focuses on how computers can interact with humans to optimise decision-making for the common good. He is also a passionate advocate for limits to ensure AI is used to improve, not hurt, our lives. In 2015, Professor Walsh helped launch an open letter calling for a ban on autonomous weapons or 'killer robots' that was signed by more than 20,000 AI researchers and high profile scientists, entrepreneurs and intellectuals, including Stephen Hawking, Noam Chomsky, Steve Wozniak, and Elon Musk. He has since been invited by Human Rights Watch to talk at the United Nations in both New York and Geneva. Professor Walsh has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of AI, and Fellow of the European Association for AI. He has won the Humboldt Award and the NSW Premier's Prize for Engineering and ICT. He has written a popular book about AI,Android Dreams: The Past, Present and Future of AI".



International Coding Competition(UEM CODE STORM)

UEM JAIPUR ACM STUDENT CHAPTER & DEPT. OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, UEM JAIPUR is organizing an International Coding Competition, UEM CODE STORM on 17th November, 2018 on CodeChef platform.
Contest Details:
• Date: 17th November, 2018
• Time: 20:00- 23:00 hrs. IST
• Prizes worth total 20,000 INR.
• This is a team event. The team size can be maximum of 3. Team members should only have their CodeChef id.
Registration Link :: www.codechef.com/UCS2018 For more information please visit: Our website: www.acm-uemj.com Facebook Page Instagram Page For any query please mail us at: acm.uemj@uem.edu.in or directly contact with following persons:
1. Asif Iqbal: +91-8005835618
2. Protyay Dey: +91- 8708807505
3. Priyodarshini Roy- +91- 8637064965
Requesting you to participate and make this event successful.



Seminar on "Cheating Husbands Puzzles"

UEM JAIPUR ACM STUDENT CHAPTER and Dept. of COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, UEM JAIPUR are going to organise a seminar on "Cheating Husbands Puzzles" by Mr. Pritam Bhattacharya, dated on 22nd Oct, 2018. Mr. Pritam Bhattacharya is an eminent speaker, world renowned for his interesting speeches all across the globe. He is the recipient of the TCS PhD Fellowship, and MS degree from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Currently his research is focused on designing approximation algorithms for different variants of polygon guarding and the art gallery problem, which is a classical problem in the domain of computational geometry in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur



ACM-UEMJ Presents Distinguished Speaker Program on Cogniculture: Collaborative Cognition in Social Machines

Parija comes with over 20 years of experience in the field of technology and research. In his current role, he leads a team of researchers in developing innovative cognitive technologies for IBM's services and solutions offerings as well as addressing the unique issues faced by customers in the region. Parija has been on the current role since September 2007, prior to which he was a Research Staff Member in the Mathematical Sciences department at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown, New York, where he managed several business analytics and optimization projects centering around business decision-making under uncertainty. Dr. Parija joined IBM in 1994 after obtaining a doctorate in Industrial Engineering (with a specialization in Operations Research) from the Texas A&M University. Over the course of his research career, he has worked on several applied areas including production capacity planning, asset-liability management, corporate learning resources management, infrastructure lease structuring, strategic budgeting for disaster management resources, and most recently, cognitive talent (and skills) management. Parija has been very active in the academic research community. He has more than 50 journal/conference papers, and over 15 US patents granted.



ACM-UEMJ Presents Distinguished Speaker Program on Machine Learning the Harness track:Crowdsourcing and varying Race History

Robert P. Schumaker is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Tyler. He received his PhD in MIS from the University of Arizona in 2007, an MBA degree in Management and International Business from the University of Akron in 2001, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 1997. Rob is also the Associate Editor for Decision Support Systems, past editor for Communications of the International Information Management Association, has authored a book on Sports Data Mining, several book chapters, multiple journal articles in DSS, ACM TOIS, CACM and JASIST as well as had his research featured in the Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets. Robert P. Schumaker is a Senior Member and has been a member of ACM since 2004. He has been involved with ACM through publishing articles in ACM outlets such as ACM Transactions on Information Systems and Communications of the ACM. Rob also started a professional ACM chapter in the Greater Hartford Connecticut area.



ACM-UEMJ Presents Distinguished Speaker Program on Smart Grid: Where Embedded Computing , Communication and Power System and Power System Meet

Professor Sandeep K. Shukla is an IEEE fellow, an ACM Distinguished Scientist, and served as an IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Visitor during 2008-2012, and as an ACM Distinguished Speaker during 2007-2014. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Embedded Systems, and associate editor for ACM transactions on Cyber Physical Systems. In the past, he has been associate editors for IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, IEEE Design & Test, IEEE Embedded Systems Letters, and many other journals. He has guest-edited more than 15 special issues for various IEEE and ACM journals. He has written or edited 9 books, published over 200 journal and conference papers. He has been program chairs for 4 IEEE/ACM International conferences, and General Chair for 2 of these conferences. He has served on the program committee of more than 100 international conferences and workshops. He supervised 12 PhDs, and directed five post-doctoral scholars at Virginia Tech. Sandeep's current research focus is on Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures. He is coordinating a research center on cyber security for critical infrastructures along with his colleagues at IIT Kanpur at the moment.



ACM-UEMJ Presents Distinguished Speaker Program on Services Science and Services Computing

Shrisha Rao received his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Iowa, and before that his M.S. in logic and computation from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a professor at IIIT-Bangalore, a graduate school of information technology in Bangalore, India. His primary research interests are in applications of distributed computing, specifically algorithms and approaches for resource management in complex systems such as used in cloud computing. He also has interests in energy efficiency, sustainable computing ("Green IT"), renewable energy and microgrids, applied mathematics, and intelligent transportation systems. Dr. Rao is an ACM Distinguished Speaker and a Senior Member of the IEEE. He is also a life member of the American Mathematical Society and the Computer Society of India. He is also a regular reviewer for the ACM Computing Reviews journal (computingreviews.com), which reviews a sample of the latest publications related to the computing sciences.




SNAzzy is for analysing the social networks induced by calling patterns of the customers of Telecom Service Providers. It builds a social network of the telecom subscribers from the “who-calls-whom” CDR data. By analyzing the social network thus constructed, we can derive several useful insights about the customers’ interaction amongst each others and its implications. SNAzzy can find communities; find targets for campaigns of socially influenced product, predict potential churners, determine the ideal targets for acquisition from competition and assign importance score to the customers. his can help identifying group targets for promotions and campaigns. SNAzzy can also analyse churn behaviour to identify potential churners. Using SNAzzy, one can identify potential acquisition targets from the competition. Dr.Amit A. Nanavati is a Senior Technical Lead for Cognitive Automation Solutions at IBM. He joined IBM Research India in 2000 and has since worked on projects in ecommerce, data mining, telecom and mobile. He managed the Telecom Solutions Research group (2008-2013) which won Research Division Awards for their work on Social Network Analysis in Telecom and the Spoken Web projects. He was a Senior Manager of the Mobile and Telecom Research Group in 2014. Amit was named a Master Inventor in 2011, and became a member of the IBM Academy of Technology in 2013. He co-authored a book on "Speech in Mobile and Pervasive Environments" published by John Wiley, UK in 2012. He co-hosted the SiMPE workshop at ACM MobileHCI for 10 years. He has 50+ publications and 37 US patents granted. He became an ACM Distinguished Speaker in 2014, and ACM Distinguished Scientist in 2015. He was also a volunteer for the SIGDEV proposal to ACM in 2011. Prior to joining IBM, he worked for Netscape in California, after completing his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Louisiana State University, USA. During his Ph.D., he interned at the Jet Propulsion Lab (NASA) in Pasadena.




Coding Competition held in UEM,Jaipu



Workforce Development Program in PHP & MySQL

It is held in Uem,Jaipur by Dept. of CSE in collaboration with ORACLE University.